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You need to be away but want to know that your property and pets are in safe hands. 

So what is house sitting?

Well it's tailored to your needs, each of our clients have different tasks and responsibilities to be taken care of whilst they are away.


Generally though, house sitting is a term used for having your property looked after for whatever reason whether you are on holiday, away visiting family or on business or it's your second home.

Pet sitting, includes looking after and feeding your pets.

Whether you're away for a day, week, month or you only use your home a couple of times a year, we can make sure it's well looked after. 

All the benefits of a housekeeper but without the annual salary or contracts.  We will work to be available for you ad hoc.  Even on short notice emergency trips away.

What kind of help is available?

Maintaining the greenhouse or veggie patch - Making sure it's watered and kept free of little critters that will eat the fruits of your labour.


Feeding pets, dog walking, vet or grooming visits and sleep- ins when you've got to be away but don't like using boarding kennels.  

Cleaning services - whilst we house sit we also clean so you benefit from returning home to a lovely clean home.

Watering the house plants

Safety checks - visiting your property every week/month to check that everything is as it should be and to collect and forward any mail.

Holiday rental changeovers & management.

Second homes - make sure that your holiday home gets a good airing if you aren't going to make a trip there any time soon.

Garden maintenance - simple weeding, hedge trimming and grass cutting to keep on top of new growth whilst you are away.

Babysitting - we offer babysitting services that include cleaning if your little ones are asleep, but if you need to be away overnight we also offer a sleep-in service.

Nanny services - for help with the kids whilst you are all taking a break on holiday.

Property management - make the most of your freedom whilst you rent out your property, knowing it's in safe hands whilst you take that trip of a lifetime that you've always promised yourself.

Property viewing services - for when you want to buy a property but due to distance can't attend yourself.  Perfect service if you live out of county or country.  Surveyors are also available to attend viewings for auction properties, investments or on request.

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To find out more, just give us a call.

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