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We can put your unwanted items to good use in a new home.

When we are working on big projects helping clients declutter, sort and organise their belongings, there is more often than not a large amount of unwanted items that are in good condition that are just too good to go to the dump. 


We can help by directly donating items to people in the local communities that need help with furniture, clothing, household items, sporting goods & equipment, tools, children's toys and books.  Or you can specify a particular charity that you'd like your unwanted items to go to and we'll drop them there.  We have a van and a carrier license and so as long as it fits in the van we can transport it for you.  

If you'd like to make a massive, positive impact in someone's life, you can make a donation, big or small and we will put it towards helping someone that has come forward for help.

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We have a list of potential candidates from a variety of backgrounds with different needs.

People who have recently lost a loved one and are struggling to keep up with things.

Hoarders who are 100% onboard to accept help & know they have an issue.

Referrals from therapists / doctors.

Referrals from community groups or charities.

Recommend a friend or family member who is in denial that they have an issue but need help.


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