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a very messy room of a hoarders house, needs to be cleaned and sorted and organised.


Transforming you from hoarder to happy clutter free.

Is hoarding affecting your life?  Have you been thinking you need to do something about it but you don't know how to get help?


You may have noticed that potentially may have inadvertently become a hoarder.  It hasn't always been the case and really it just started out as innocent collecting or charity shop visits.  But lately you've realised that your home is completely cluttered and you need help sorting it all out.


You may be, or know someone who is, a full-on hoarder, fully aware that there'a a problem and it's time to get some help with it.  Not only is it affecting your day to day living but also your health; emotionally, mentally and physically.  It can also be impacting other people's lives.

Information describing what's included in the hoarding help service

We'll help you find clarity in what you want to achieve and we'll work with you every step of the way, from beginning to end.







We know every single client is unique.  We will work with you to explore, review & understand your hoarding and put a plan in place, bespoke to your needs and ideal outcome.



If you are open to it we can take a visit to your property to see what you'd like our team of professional organisers, sorters & cleaners to work on.  This can also be done at a later stage after a couple of therapy sessions.  Whenever you're ready.



We'll create a roadmap to completion, to plan and execute.  This is where your ideal vision will really come to life.



We'll make sure that we have the right team available for you and your home.  Ready to take action when you give the go ahead.



We won't rush when we are helping you sort and organise (unless you say so), we'll go at a pace that you are happy with.  Keeping a cool, calm and stress-free environment.


lady lying down on a therapy couch in a hypnotherapy & RTT session

We provide a therapy service alongside our cleaning and sorting services.

As a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Rapid Transformational Therapist we can help you get to the root cause of why you hoard & to help rewire your thoughts & behaviours around the issue. 

If you'd prefer regular talk therapy with a qualified registered counsellor we currently work closely with a couple that we highly recommend.  Counselling sessions start from £45.


We will also work very closely with you to help with sorting, organising & cleaning your house working at your own pace, working over a timescale that you are comfortable with.

What's included in our hoarding help services?

Our hoarder help services are bespoke so tailored to each individual but generally include some or all of the services below:

Ongoing therapy & healing sessions, as required.

Thorough home / property clean, sort & organise.

Quarterly check-in sessions including home visits to keep you on track.

Regular maintenance cleaning service on request.

really cluttered room full of junk that need sorting, messy no room to move

To see how we can help you, just give us a call.

People giving a box of donations of household items

We can put your unwanted items to good use.

We help by directly donating items to people in the local communities that need help with furniture, clothing, household items, sporting goods & equipment, tools, children's toys, books etc

We also fundraise to be able to provide services to people in desperate need who otherwise couldn't afford it. 

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