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Flat, negative or lingering stagnant energy can have a big impact on your own energy. 

You may be living or working in a space that is impacting your personal energy or vice versa.  It could be the energy in the space itself, the nature of the business you work for or the other people you have to spend time with there. 


Or perhaps you go out to work in a place that is stressful and you are bringing that energy back to your home and it’s starting to build up there, you can feel it.  Your home doesn’t feel the same as it once did and it may be starting to affect everyone who lives there.

white sage smudge stick, abalone shell, energy cleansing, crystals

Is stagnant energy negatively affecting your house sale?

Sometimes an argument or relationship break up can taint the energy in your home, almost like you can you feel it still lingering in the air and you want it gone so you can have a fresh start.


Other people can pick up on energy in homes too!  Have you ever been house hunting and viewed a property that you really couldn’t wait to get out of as it just felt creepy?  You weren’t sure why but you knew almost immediately that there was no way you were going to put an offer in. 


Well some houses can be on the market for ages and just not sell, not even have an offer and it is really frustrating for the owners as they just want to move on.  

Maybe you've just grabbed yourself a bargain property where the last owner died.  Regardless of the situation we have a service that can help, whether it's raising the vibration or helping spirits move on to a better place.

Everything is energy

It can even be personal belongings and the contents inside your home or workspace that have an impact.  Have you been buying treasures from antique or charity shops and inadvertently introduced different energy into your home?  Or maybe you

are a collector or hoarder of things that are not only

cluttering your space but impacting your wellbeing.

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It's not just our homes that can have issues, sometimes it's our businesses.

In retail some business owners notice that the shops around them seem to have regular footfall throughout the day and they don’t seem to be getting as many visitors and can’t work out why. 


They’ve already tried to fix the problem as much as they know how and they don’t know what else to try.  They want their business to draw in repeat and new customers, who feel immediately comfortable enough in the space to look at the offerings and make purchases.


Larger shared office spaces with many workers can have an energetic impact on a much larger scale.  The energy in these spaces can have a massive effect which can ripple throughout the building.  It can take a workplace where the general vibe is usually happy, upbeat and highly motivated, to a place where the energy feels stagnant and flat, motivation is low and this has a direct impact on performance, productivity and profitability.

Speak to me about raising the energetic
vibration in your shop, offices or workspace
in order to increase footfall, performance, productivity & profitability.

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