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To gift our services to people who really need our help, please choose the amount you'd like to buy. 

Multiple gifts can be added to the cart to make up

the amount you'd like if you don't see it below.  

Please let us know whether you're buying a gift to

give to someone you know, or whether you're buying a gift to add to our fundraiser to offer free services.

 Thanks for your support, someone is a little closer to living happy clutter free. 

How do we choose who gets to benefit from the funds we raise?

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We have a list of potential candidates from a variety of backgrounds with different needs.

People who have recently lost a loved one and are struggling to keep up with things.

Hoarders who are 100% onboard to accept help & know they have an issue.

Referrals from therapists / doctors.

Referrals from community groups or charities.

Recommend a friend or family member who is in denial that they have an issue but need help.


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Join the list to become a candidate for free help.

If you genuinely can't afford to pay, but really would like our help leave your details below.

Thanks for submitting!

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